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iRis DVR 5


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With the new iRis DVR 5 videoscope, still images or video sequences of remote visual inspections are captured in brilliant image quality with the high resolution CCD image sensor. Any movement of a component or the drop of a leak is displayed on the 12,7 cm (5 “) large VGA screen and saved to a SD memory card up to 32GB.

In addition, the iRis DVR 5 is the world’s first compact video-endoscope with a 180° rotating handle and a rotatable 180° screen. Adjust your screen for optimized view and/or rotate the scope handle for a comfortable operation of the tip articulation of the distal end, either if the user is left – or right-handed.

Extremely compact dimensions, minimal weight (1.35 kg), lithium-ion-battery, 3-stage adjustable LED light source and the easy handling are the outstanding features of the iRis DVR 5 videoscope. The videoscope system is available in different endoscope diameters and working lengths.

180° rotatable screen and handle for comfortable operations and optimal viewing position

Large Display:
Brilliant 7″ TFT LCD Touch Screen display provides brilliant, razor-sharp images even for outdoor viewing

1.65 kg:
Extremely compact and light. Mobile all-in-one portable videoscope for inspection even in the tightest and most remote spaces

Video and Image Capture:
Digital recording of video and images with a single touch of a button

Operating System:
The “Endoscopic Imaging Operation System” is a software designed and built for inspection ease. It has the ability to live-stream inspections, pre-set work folders, smart inspector, and has multiple image analysis methods available.

CCD image sensor:
The iRis 7 PRO Videoscope image is produced by a super hi-resolution CCD camera chip that yields a superior image and color representation in the darkest area.

Integrated LED:
Integrated high-power LED light source characterized by high intensity white light with more than 5,000 hours of operating time and low energy consumption.

Light Intensity Control:
3-stage adjustable high-power LED achieves optimum illumination of the inspection object.

4-way Articulation:
Responsive and precise tip articulation control with constant articulation lock

Near and far focus achievable with a single objective lens

Interchangeable Tip Optics:
The iRis 7 PRO Videoscope offers a complete range of forward and side view tip optics. Multiple fields of view, depths of field allow you to choose the perfect image for your application.

Lithium-Ion Battery:
A rechargeable high capacity battery offers more than 2 hours of operation. The iRis 7 PRO Videoscope can also be operated with the AC adapter.

Operating unit

  • Display size: 7.0“ Color LCD Touch Screen
  • Display resolution: Hybrid Resolution (1280×800 pixel)
  • Operating system: Endoscopic Imaging Operation System
  • User interface: Touch functions for camera settings, file manager, image analysis methods, annotation, smart inspector
  • Languages: English, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish
  • Power supply, primary: Rechargeable Li-ion battery (More than 3 Hour Operation Time)
  • Power supply, secondary: 12V adapter (optional accessory)


  • Video format: AVI (.avi) (with time and date stamp)
  • Image format: BMP (.bmp)/ JPEG (.jpg)/ PNG (.png) (with time and date stamp)
  • Storage: In-built 16GB internal memory (16GB thumb-drive is provided in delivery set)

Camera control

  • Image sensor: High resolution Super HAD CCD image sensor
  • White balance: Factory default or user defined
  • Exposure Control: Automatic or manual
  • AGC level (gain control): Adjustable
  • Gamma: Adjustable

Image control

  • Zoom: 16 step digital zoom
  • Invert: Horizontal and vertical image inversion
  • Brightness: Adjustable
  • Contrast: Adjustable
  • Color: Adjustable
  • Text annotation: Built-in full screen text overlay generator


  • Type: High-power LED with high transmission fiber optics
  • Illumination control: 3 steps
  • Color temperature: approx. 6500k
  • Average lamp lifetime: approx. 5000h


Waterproof: Probe and distal End up to 1 bar- 10.2m
H2OResistance: Probe and distal End to oils and saline (5%)

Diameter: 4.0mm 6.0mm 8.0mm
Working Length: 1.0 – 4.0m 1.0 – 7.5m 1.0 – 15.0m
Articulation (bending neck): 4-way / 360° control 4-way / 360° control 4-way / 360° control
Articulation angle L/R | U/D: 90°/90° | 90°/90° 90°/90° | 90°/90° 90°/90° | 90°/90°
Integrated objective lens: - -
Interchangeable objective lens: -
Side view adapter:
Braid: Multi-layer tungsten braid on PU jacket
Waterproof: Probe and distal End up to 1 bar- 10.2m H2O
Resistance: Probe and distal End to oils and saline (5%)

Interchangeable Objective Lenses & SVTA

4.0mm 60° 7-50mm  
4.0mm 60° 4-10mm SD
4.0mm 90° 15mm-∞  
4.0mm 90° 10-30mm SD
4.0mm** 90° 60° 5-45mm SVTA
6.0mm 60° 5mm-∞ BLACK
6.0mm 60° 8mm-∞ YELLOW-B
6.0mm 90° 5mm-∞ RED
6.0mm 120° 3mm-∞ GREEN
6.0mm** 90° 60° 5-15mm SVTA-CF
6.0mm** 90° 60° 15-50mm SVTA-FF
8.0mm 28° 25mm-∞ BLUE
8.0mm 60° 8mm-∞ YELLOW-B
8.0mm 60° 5mm-∞ BLACK
8.0mm 90° 8mm-∞ SILVER-B
8.0mm 90° 5mm-∞ RED
8.0mm** 90° 60° 5mm-∞ SVTA
  • DOV = Direction of View
  • FOV = Field of View
  • DOF = Depth of Focus
  • SVTA = Side View Tip Adapter
  • CF = Close Focus
  • FF = Far Focus
  • B = Bright Objective Lens
  • ** Side View Tip Adapters


  • Ergonomics: ± 90° rotatable display unit, alt. ±90° rotatable scope handle
  • System weight: 1.65Kg
  • Dimensions: 430mm x 187mm x 104mm
  • Housing: Rugged PU with integrated rubber shock caps
  • Protection class: IP53

Operating environment 

  • Tip operating temperature: -13°F to 176°F (-25°C to +80°C) (284°F/140°C less than 5 Minutes)
  • System operating temperature: -13°F to 115°F (-25°C to +46°C)
  • Storage temperature: -13°F to 140°F (-25°C to +60°C)
  • Relative humidity: 95% max. – non condensing
  • Waterproof: Probe and distal end up to 14.7 psi (1 bar- 10.2m H2O)
  • Resistance: Probe and distal end to oils and saline (5%)
  • Carrying Case 508mm x 373mm x 147mm / 4,5kg