Inspector 3.0 Premium

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Inspector 3.0 Premium



The Inspector 3.0 is a new software that allows inspectors to create a sparse 3D model using the data they collect with the Elios 2 while flying regular inspection missions, without any special flight paths or data considerations required.

Inspector 3.0 uses robust processing to create sparse 3D models (also called point clouds) much more quickly and more inexpensively than the 3D models you can create with most other 3D modeling software. In these sparse point clouds, inspectors can pinpoint the location of defects they notice when reviewing their visual data.

While a regular 3D model is the kind of output you might create back at the office to include in a final report, Inspector 3.0’s sparse point cloud is an output you can use in the field to inform decision making in real time (processing time for Inspector 3.0 is 20-30 minutes on average).

Since the processing time for these sparse point clouds is so much shorter, they can serve the purpose of showing inspectors exactly where a defect is located within an asset while the inspector is still onsite.

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